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What Oxy-View users are saying....

"Everyday I'm out and about in my Oxy-View glasses living life normally. I love my Oxy-Glasses"  Ruth

" I love my Oxy-View frames. Being on oxygen hasn't slowed me down"  Betty

My name is Scotty H. I won a pair of Oxy-View glasses while attending a COPD Conference in Las Vegas.  Never have I been so surprised as to how I would look without the tubing across my face. This design is fantastic and the glasses look great to.

I've been wearing the Oxyview glasses for 2 1/2 years, they have been my saving grace. Imagine how I felt at age 50 being diagnosed with Stage 3 COPD. Doctors misdiagnosed the reason for my condition, it wasn't from a 8 year smoking history, it was of Alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency. Nontheless, I have become a patient advocate for myself and found out about these wonderful glasses thru pulmonary rehab. The doctors won't tell you about them, they'll just let their patients wear the antiquated cannula that causes necrosis, and is just plain GROSS. How's the plastic feel across your face when it's cold?? Most people wear it around the ears and under the chin, which is awful and causes earaches. So, let me tell you how incredible these glasses are, the first time I walked in my pulmonologist office, the nurse practioner asked me if I was even on oxygen, and then her response was "how neat". I can't tell you how many people I share this with, especially women who thank me so much for showing them something that will give them the confidence to go out in public!! Plus they are so comfortable that you won't even realize you have the oxygen on. Do yourself a favor and get these for yourself, you won't look like a  sickly person and you will feel so much better about your situation! You can also get a clip on sunglass for them, so you can be protected and not have to buy 2 pair!

Sincerely, Sheri 


"I have worn Oxy-View glasses for five years and they have changed my life.  It's the best money I've ever spent." Susie... Missouri

"Oxy-View glasses are so inconspicuous people don't even notice that I am on oxygen, or if they do notice it is no longer about "Oh she's on oxygen" the conversation typically is "I wonder where she got those."  Clara Anne... Missouri

"Since I have been wearing my Oxy-View glasses, friends and family think I've stopped using oxygen because they no longer see a cannula line across my face and under my chin.  Oxy-View is so comfortable I forget I have it on." Alice... New York

"I can't explain the feeling the first time I put my Oxy-View glasses on and didn't have the tubing going across my face.  I cried, because I'd started to feel lost behind the tubing.  No longer do I feel like the girl with tubing on my face and I am confident to go out in public." I sure love my glasses.  Kathy... Minnesota

"Oxy-View has opened a whole new world for me. I know longer feel self-conscious about how I look."  Marty... Minnesota

What others are saying.........

I have been wearing my new glasses for about a week now and I just love them!  Believe me I'm telling everyone I can about them.   The optometrist that made my lenses said the frames were really quality work.  Good job Oxy-view! "

Thank you!


"I'm a local criminal court judge and was very concerned about my appearance on the bench. Now with my new frames, many in the courtroom don't even realize that I am on oxygen." Ivan …New York

"I was amazed at how wonderful my father appeared without the tubes of his continuous oxygen therapy clinging to his face. He's beautiful."  Julie …Massachusetts

"I felt so much more comfortable being in public. The ease in dining out and not always being perceived as sick or handicapped by others was uplifting."  Donna …Fort Worth, Texas

"My mother didn't even want to go to church anymore because she was so uncomfortable wearing her oxygen in public. Now she is eager to go."  Becky …Kansas City

"I can't begin to tell you how I like them, the looks and confidence I feel about wearing them. I am no longer worried about going out in public and being embarrassed that everyone is staring at me." Pauline …Colorado

"I find the glasses to be so much more comfortable than a cannula… and this tubing doesn't get caught like my cannula does!"  Joe …Colorado

"I have now been using the Oxy-View glasses for 5 or 6 years.  I can't say enough about how great they are. It stops all of the pulling over your cheeks and ears. It appears so much nicer when you are out in public.  I have trifocal implants and don't need glasses except for very fine work but I wear them all of the time anyway. Thanks Oxy-View."  Penny...Oregon

Oxy-View is closed (out of business) as of June 30, 2023.  All orders received will be shipped and we will continue to offer support for our customers.  Any questions or additional support please call 877-699-8439.  Thank you to all our customers.  

Additional # 303-768-8681.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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